Strategic Advice

MDN Group experts have years of experience and over 650 successfully completed consulting projects. This allows us to offer our clients a unique opportunity to solve their strategic tasks.

Often these services are provided in advance of a transaction, when a client is considering their strategic options for optimising the value of their business or following a transaction. Our recommendations are designed to increase business value and will help in the development and maintenance of relationships with investors. The success of our partnership with clients is confirmed by our strong track record of repeat business over many years.

MDN Group serves public and private companies globally in a broad range of industries, with expertise across sectors. From offices in Frankfurt, Dubai and Hong Kong, our professionals are dedicated to providing discrete and independent strategic and financial advice, unencumbered by institutional constraints or conflicts of interest.

Our partners have in-depth experience across complex public and private company transactions. More than that, the company’s relationship-based approach with our clients means that our focus and expertise extends far beyond traditional investment banking advisory services. We look to add value to our clients not only in transaction situations but also during the time when their focus is on managing their existing businesses.

Our approach in all situations is based primarily in serving the client’s best interests, which also means advising a client not to pursue a transaction when it does not enhance their strategic objectives or measure up to their standards.

We provide fully-staffed project teams with industry-specific expertise. Each client project team is selected based on the unique characteristics, opportunities and challenges of the situation at hand. We help our clients to identify and understand priorities in strategic and financial issues. Strategic advisory services are useful for solving financial and management problems, that are important for long-term success.