We foster a culture of partnership and seek individuals who are passionate about our business and are a fit both culturally and professionally. We are committed to developing our internal talent and we create opportunities for the development, promotion and motivation of our employees.

We recognize that some of the most brilliant ideas are derived from sharing knowledge and expertise across our company. Whether you are just starting your career or joining us as an experienced hire, we believe we offer a better method of investment banking advisory service by providing superior exposure to deal activity and senior team members across all of our key business areas.

We believe we are building something truly unique within the financial services industry. MDN Group is a dynamic, focused and professional team. We encourage personal development and teamwork. We are looking for focused, talented people ready to tackle complicated problems, with significant experience and achievements in the financial, economic and legal sphere.

Our ability to deliver on that promise requires that we rigorously pursue and hire talented, creative, highly-motivated, team-oriented people.

Intern and Analyst Positions

Intern and Analyst positions are designed to provide individuals with a broad range of experiences. Responsibilities vary by business and may include projects in acquisitions, restructurings, partnerships, joint ventures, private equity, research, and sales activities.

As part of an MDN Group team, you will be able to participate in financial modelling and quantitative analysis, valuation issues, industry analysis and markets research, due diligence, as well as preparation for and attendance at client meetings.

Experienced Hires

MDN Group constantly seeks talented, team-oriented, experienced executives to join our company. Throughout our organization, we provide career advancement and leadership opportunities that enable highly-motivated individuals to grow and succeed.

MDN Group has earned a reputation as a leading investment banking advisory company in the mid-market sector by providing exceptional strategic advisory services, execution excellence, and unsurpassed customer service. Our global presence as an investment banking advisory company of choice for prominent multinational corporations, financial sponsors and institutions.

We anticipate our rapid growth to continue, both geographically and on an industry sector coverage basis, and maybe your talents will complement and enhance our capabilities and service to clients. If you’re interested in becoming part of our team, please send your CV to email: