Business Valuation

The need to evaluate business arises, which can be described as the key stages to the development of the company. It is reasonable to find the professionals – highly qualified consultants with technical knowledge and practical experience who will be able to carry out an objective and independent business valuation.

We are always trying to achieve a deep understanding of the company’s business, doing a detailed analysis of the dynamics of its development and defining the key industry and internal factors affecting the valuation.

Comparable Companies Analyses and Transaction Review
One of the methods that we use to determine the value of a business is the analysis of recent transactions comparable to the business of our clients and comparable public companies.

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Discounted cash flow analysis is one of the most important methods we use to value businesses. Using our 3 year pro forma, which includes full income statements, we take projected earnings and show discount rate that is based on a number of factors. Any business valuation method used though provides us with a baseline number only.

If it is necessary, we develop a detailed financial model and give to our client a tool to use, aimed at creating value, enabling them to work out different scenarios. In the current context of high demand for transparent and reliable estimates required for the fulfillment of corporate transactions.

Based on our knowledge and understanding of the requirements and expectations of the various categories of investors, we offer the owners and management independent advice to inform decisions about fundraising or M&A transactions.