Selling a Business

Prior to the launch of any sale process we ensure that we have detailed and extensive knowledge of the business. We work closely with management teams to jointly craft the appropriate sale pitch for both buyers and potential financing entities. Our sector experience and international presence are key elements in this process.

Although a successful sale process just needs one interested bidder, it is preferred to count on a certain number of avid buyers with available funds. Our presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East enables us to identify and engage with the best international buyers.

Our creativity, flexibility and independence also enable us to analyze simultaneously all possible alternatives presented, such as a divestiture, or a recapitalization, in order to provide our clients with the most appropriate solution. Our execution expertise covers all potential outcomes.

Clear Deal Structure
Our M&A advisors are diligent to first learn and understand the needs of our clients and their businesses. We then work hard to negotiate the optimal deal for each.

Buyer Analysis and Negotiations
MDN Group takes the time to create buyer lists that are well researched. We look for strategic investors, private equity funds and family offices, that are the best fit for your business and will offer the optimal deal for you. And any investors list we create you have final approval before we send any information out.

Deal Documentation Preparation
The level of documentation required to close a transaction is daunting unless you have the experience our deal teams have. We not only prepare the evaluation of your company we also create all sales documentation. This includes the Information Memorandum, Teaser / Business Profile and Non Disclosure Agreement that we have all potential buyers sign before providing any detailed information on your business.

Due Diligence Support
A typical due diligence checklist consists of 100-200 detailed questions covering every aspect of a business. The documentation should be accurate, and readily available, to provide to buyers. Prior to entering this critical phase, MDN Group deal teams work hard to get the client ready for the types of questions that will often arise.

Divestiture Strategies
Quite often our clients have extensive holdings in multiple companies and industries. Most of the time they have divestiture needs in order to cash out some holdings and retain others. Our M&A Advisory firm has significant experience in setting up limited auctions for each holding and in some cases, dividing companies up into separate entities in order to obtain the best deal for our clients.

Minority Equity Transactions
Also known as partial sales, minority equity transactions are usually structured so that the seller is allowed to retain a minority equity position in the company, while receiving payment for the equity transferred to new owners. This is a great structure if you are willing to stay with the newly recapitalized business for an indefinite period of time.

Closing a transaction requires detailed negotiations over the details. MDN Group deal teams not only are familiar with all the hurdles that can arise during negotiations, but their years of experience also allow them to overcome them. This makes our M&A professionals powerful allies during the most crucial stages of business negotiations.

For us our clients are long-term partners, we also work with them in areas not usually covered by traditional investment banking including: acting as an independent consultant providing a full spectrum of strategic, financial and operational issues that our clients face in the daily management of their businesses.