About us

MDN Group is an independent investment banking advisory company. Our key focuses are corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and strategic advice. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we have built excellent relationships with multinational corporations, private and public companies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our internal structure and geographic spread enable us to provide a high quality advisory service in a wide range of markets and sectors.

We operate from three offices in Frankfurt, Dubai and Hong Kong from which we serve a wide range of clients looking for advice and assistance on their most important strategic issues. We have in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which we operate and a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and competitive forces of each market. We know the players and we know the trends. We understand how these factors impact our clients, strategic and institutional investors.

Our focus in M&A advice is on low and mid-market M&A, on transactions from €5m up to €100m. Our track-record includes more than 650 corporate domestic and multinational clients.

Our clients receive the best attention in each of the investment banking areas such as: mergers and acquisitions, raising equity and debt capital and strategic consulting. We strive for balanced solutions that are focused on achieving concrete results. Our approach is to use our professional experience to achieve the most effective solutions.

In the negotiations between companies and investors, we act as the professional advisor and are able to provide a balance between all parties involved. We help our clients to become leaders in their markets. Our financial solutions are aimed towards growth and increasing efficiency of our client’s businesses.

We can guarantee our clients the best conditions and the minimum time for completion of the transaction due to our extensive experience as strategic and corporate finance advisor with in-depth understanding of regional specificity and the decision-making process.