Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide strategic advice and full-service M&A execution to a broad range of clients in Europe, Asia and CIS. Our advice is independent and without conflict. We cover all areas of M&A including acquisition “buy-side” advice and “sell-side” advice as well as ongoing strategic advice to owners and managers, to ensure that owners and managers are best placed to grow their businesses.

We help companies and investors in all transactions related to buying and selling businesses. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge of local conditions, offering our clients effective solutions for the successful implementation of tasks.

Each transaction must have economic validity. We prepare the structure of the transaction, considering all possible financial, tax and legal aspects. We will examine the coordination of strategy for the transaction with the general strategy of our clients business and how its result will affect company activity.

If our client considers the possibility of acquisition or business disposal, our specialists will assist them in choosing the most suitable object for investment, market analysis, finding a buyer or investor, negotiating, structuring and closing the transaction. Our experience in finance, business management and understanding of the business features of each client, is all used to ensure the success of the transaction.

We assist in initiating, structuring, evaluating and executing transactions for the acquisition or sale of businesses, both public and private, as well as in joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our experts have years of experience and will help our clients to identify transaction opportunities, find potential buyers or sellers and help the parties establish a mutual agreement. We strive to help our clients achieve the best price, conditions and strategic decisions.

We have considerable experience in mergers and acquisitions, our specialists will act as transaction manager at all stages – from initial planning and preparation, before final completion, as well as assisting in coordinating the activities of other companies involved in the process. In M&A transactions, we provide services for preparing the project, financial modelling, finding partners, negotiating and carrying out necessary research and analysis, structuring and closing of the transaction.

Our advice is based on what is best for our client. We are independent and free of any conflicts, and always use our knowledge, network and expertise to the full benefit of our clients. We are tenacious in transaction execution and relentlessly focused on client service.

We bring our extensive experience to each step of the process: valuations, Information Memorandum writing, transaction definition, deal structuring, counterparts identification, supervision and management of confidential documents, negotiations organization, Due Diligence and Vendor Due Diligence supervision, Data Room organization, supervising of all kind of contracts including Letters of Intent, Memorandums of Understanding and SPA.

Buy-side advice

We are able to advise interested buyers on attractive targets through our global network of relationships. In advising companies on the acquisition of a company or set of assets, we evaluate potential acquisition targets, provide valuation analyses, and evaluate and propose financial and strategic alternatives.

We also advise as to the timing, structure, financing, and pricing of a proposed acquisition, and assist in negotiating and closing the deal.

In buy-side advice, industry knowledge and the ability to analyze the business are equally crucial. Throughout the process, we work intensively with our client to identify business potential, determine its value, and decide on the strategy regarding the price.

In buy-side processes, the advisory team is often a fundamental part due to its capacity to design optimal financing solutions and raise funds in a short period of time, without being limited by any financial or alternative lender, which is a decisive factor of our independence and objectivity.

Sell-side advice

Understanding a business is fundamental to maximising its value on a sale process. Prior to the launch of any sale process we ensure that we have detailed and extensive knowledge of the business. We work closely with management teams to jointly craft the appropriate sale pitch for both buyers and potential financing entities. Our sector experience and international presence are key elements in this process.

Although a successful sale process just needs one interested bidder, it is preferred to count on a certain number of avid buyers with available funds. Our presence in Europe, Asia and CIS enables us to identify and engage with the best international buyers.

Our creativity, flexibility and independence also enable us to analyze simultaneously all possible alternatives presented, such as a divestiture, or a recapitalization, in order to provide our clients with the most appropriate solution. Our execution expertise covers all potential outcomes.

Our values: we have narrow specialization, because we are engaged only in that we love, understand and what we do the best.

Professionalism: We have substantial experience as a strategic advisor and in management of a real business. We only negotiate with decision-makers for the best results. Understanding specifics and details of the business is our advantage.

Efficiency: We understand the regional specificity of the criteria and decision-making system of clients, strategic and institutional investors. These are the key components for achieving the best results.

We are a fully independent Company: We adhere to high ethical standards of business, ensuring confidentiality of services in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

Applicability of solutions: Our experts have vast experience in improving business efficiency and increasing its value. We offer innovative ideas and solutions that help our clients achieve real results. We are constantly expanding and deepening our knowledge of markets, providing clients with the most current information and support for the successful implementation of their tasks, allowing them to be always one step ahead.

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